Rated M for Mature.
WARNING! Mature images contain artistic nudity

Work of Eliotak

A sketch of my best friend, a Tuatara, gaming and snacking away c:

yay for trying to do some perspective.

A life-changing moment in young Edith’s life. Quite literately, the start of her long story.

Don’t worry, nothing bad happens to her c:

Very crappy sketches of Edith’s children. Ibes’da and her brother Gah-Vulcan

My Argonian Edith and her mate who I have yet to name.

These two lovers are about to enjoy their company together under the starry night in Morrowind, just outside of Seyda Neen. Having found a nice secluded, tranquil spot near the lovely sound of water from a stream, they share no words, but simply touch.

Reblogs appreciated <3

Practicing to draw sharks and also posting it as an example of what cell-shaded commissions from me look like. However, note that the lineart and the shading can look messy here and thats because its sketchy. If It were a proper commission, I’d make sure to draw clean lines and color perfectly.

Cell-shaded commissions are $20 c:

Random shark lady whom I shall call Jessica :P Reblogs appreciated.

1st concept design for my persona. Don’t ask me what she is… just think messed up anatomy c: