Rated M for Mature.
WARNING! Mature images contain artistic nudity

Work of Eliotak

Using my beautiful persona, I present you my commission offers.

| Commissions: Open | Trades: Open | Request: Closed |

I accept Paypal and must be in USD. Please do not pay me until I say otherwise to avoid confusion

  • $5 For a bust picture of your character. (with your choice of B/W lineart or with flat colour.
  • $10 For a full simple lineart picture of your character;
  • $15 For a flat-coloured picture of your character;
  • $20 For a cell-shaded picture of your character;
  • $25 For a soft-shaded picture of your character;

+ $5 for each extra character or complicated background

I am comfortable with most subjects but I will not draw pornography (soft-core, pin-ups, suggestive themes are acceptable), gore, overly-complicated armor/mechas, or huge landscapes. I’ve got a turnaround about 2 - 3 weeks. I will let you know if my schedule gets too hectic or if I need more time to finish your commission. Please do not hesitate to contact me to inquire about your piece.


Hi guys! I’m sorry this art Tumblr is slow and rarely posts any art, but I’d like to say thank you to all of my 89 followers. That is a whole bunch and I’m happy to have all of you!

A question for all of you though: Because I made this tumblr to just post everything I make without anyone’s interests in mind, what are all of you wanting to see more from me?

A background I done for myself of my galaxy keeper.

Just practice and having some fun :P Next time I draw her she’ll have more additions. I’m always changing her, she’s never the same.

A sketch of my best friend, a Tuatara, gaming and snacking away c:

yay for trying to do some perspective.

A life-changing moment in young Edith’s life. Quite literately, the start of her long story.

Don’t worry, nothing bad happens to her c:

Very crappy sketches of Edith’s children. Ibes’da and her brother Gah-Vulcan

My Argonian Edith and her mate who I have yet to name.

These two lovers are about to enjoy their company together under the starry night in Morrowind, just outside of Seyda Neen. Having found a nice secluded, tranquil spot near the lovely sound of water from a stream, they share no words, but simply touch.

Reblogs appreciated <3

Practicing to draw sharks and also posting it as an example of what cell-shaded commissions from me look like. However, note that the lineart and the shading can look messy here and thats because its sketchy. If It were a proper commission, I’d make sure to draw clean lines and color perfectly.

Cell-shaded commissions are $20 c:

Random shark lady whom I shall call Jessica :P Reblogs appreciated.